Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pinning, pinning.. and winning

I'm so sorry for myself :) I just haven't had any time to blog recently. _No_time_at_all_. Even though I know I won't have much more time in the near future I keep on dreaming of a REAL blog, a nice website, all the interesting things that I would have there.. So I have the ideas, just have to wait for the better timing.

I have had some time for pinning, though :D Oh I just love those images.. especially crafts and DIY stuff. I think I'm winning when pinning - I mean, I get so much from it: good ideas, I get in the good mood, sometimes a good laugh.. I've got so many great ideas and have actually made some things for the home, not much, but have copied some nice ideas and made them look more like me.

Unfortunately, my camera got broken, but I'll show you some of my stuff when I get a new camera. And maybe this niiiiice new blog.. ;)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Stuff, stuff, enough stuff

This is what I've been doing lately.

Going through all our stuff. Stuff in the kids' room, stuff in the closets, stuff in the kitchen, stuff in the shed, stuff here and stuff there. Stuff everywhere.

Well, now I'm getting maaaany boxes to the second hand shop. Hope I'll get a few euros from there..

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tiger, seems like lovely stuff

Tiger hasn't been in Finland for long. I'd love to go there and shop all store.. This is my wishlist, not long, eh?


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Self Made Envelopes Part II

Someone's trash is my treasure. I showed you some of my "thank you notes" I put in the envelopes when I send clothes sold online. 
I write those notes on the book pages that no longer are wanted by anyone else - I've got those books either for free or 20 cents or so. 


I also showed you some ideas for envelopes earlier. Now I'll show a few more ideas, so here comes!

Mini Grip or other reclosable plastic bags are perfect for sending smaller items such as shorts and shirts. I always reuse those little bags, but I have to buy new ones, too. (When it comes to sending stuff in the mail, I prefer reusing anything before buying something new just to be used the one time.)

Just make sure you seal the Mini Grip plastic bags well AND put some sticky tape around the bag.

Or you can use any plastic bags you get when bying anything small in the shop!

When I use an "envelope" (other than a plastic bag) I usually wrap the clothes in a plastic bag anyhow.

That way they are protected if the envelope gets wet or dirty.

These litlle pants (50 cm!!) I sealed in an old plastic cover I used for my papers in the uni. I've also used the bags of Libero diaper changing mats and tissue covers.

I reuse magazines, newspapers and ads we get in the mail, but some of them just are better to be reused as envelops than the others!

"Now, where's my newspaper?," asks this beaver :) 

Maps! They are good! 

Old posters serve as good wrapping paper or as envelopes. So do old wrapping papers, or even the bread bags!

I even collect cardboard boxes we sometimes got a gift or something in, you never know when you need just this size.

Oh, and the kids love to "help". Especially choosing the stamps is so exciting, and sticking them - doesn't really matter if the stamps sometimes are sideways ;)

What else do you pack your stuff in when you have to send something?